Clan Of United Gamers

COUG is a multi game clan that is based on reach and soon halo 4. We have lost many members that can stay loyal to us and we r looking for new ones. Many people ask me what they get for joining our clan and im never afraid to answer.

Members get acsess to modded saves for LASO challenges, to become a covi in the campain, unlimited ammo, invincibility, and more.

alonge with that members also get access to the leaders personal journal about secrets we have found on multiple games especially Reach. We also have a secret credit harvisting method that only a select few get to learn. ive searched everywhere on the internet for someone els who has found it and i have yet to find anyone els that has found it.

there are also ,member only, competitions that offer cash prizes along with t shirts, and other clan related apparel. the cash prizes rang from 15-50$

you can learn more about the clan and how to join HERE