"Clan" looking for competitive, fun players!

Who remembers the good ole days of Halo 2 clans?! Ya know, when it was basically a second friends list of people who would always play together. Well if you are interested in joining a community of competitive players who enjoy having fun at the same time, then “Zealots” is the place for you!

Disclaimer: this is not a formal clan that will have a ranking system, clan battles, practices, etc. You won’t have to change you emblem or colors or anything. However I do ask that if you decide to join, you make an effort to join games when you receive an invite from another clan member. Like I said, the idea is simply to develop a friendly competitive group so that we can always find teammates for matchmaking, customs, etc. In the future depending on how things develop, we can even form clan squads for gamebattles and such if people want to, but that would be completely optional.

Since there is no official clan system in place like there was for Halo 2, I have made a silver account that will act as the “clan list”. The Gamertag is “Zealots Clan”. Send a friend request to that account or leave it on this page to be added if you would like to join.