Clan looking for both new members and battles


I am part of Epsilon Eridani. We are a clan that has existed since Halo 2. We are not a huge clan, but just a good group of guys that enjoy playing together. We are actively seeking new members who want to join us. We have a lot of different types of players in our clan so anyone can fit in relatively easily.

We have a ranking system in place as well. We do not require a name change, but it is required once you get to a certain promotion. We focus almost entirely on Halo games, but if you enjoy other games, we have many members who play a variety of games.

Additionally, we are looking for other Clans to do battle with. We are a respectful and courteous when it comes to facing opposing clans, no trash talking or any of that is tolerated in our clan. We simply want to see how we stack up against others and want to improve in areas that are exploited from playing a competitive, well-organized foe.

If interested in either joining or wanting to play against us, feel free to contact either me, EE PeeeCoffee or our leader EE Oshmere.