Clan-like-Family? Join the storm, Join [Supercell]

Big YouTube Projects to come in the near future. If you want to take part in them. I suggest you come on board now while you have the chance.
Teamtages and Machinimas coming soon, but I need your help!

A Taste of the Storm, the Supercell:
We are not only stage actors, but we play lots of Multiplayer as well!
Warzone (mainly), and BTB, Breakout, and Slayer Variants. (Semi Competitive Team)
I could also use some creative Forge Designers on board. Want exposure for your maps?
We will test them out with you/ help build the next generation of multiplayer community maps.
We will also be doing a Supercell traditional Halo 5 Game Nights, every Friday or Saturday!


  • Player /Voice Actors (for Machinimas/ Projects) - Forge map Designers - Halo Photographers - Graphic Designers/ Special FX Artist - Slayers / OBJ Players (for competitive play) - Spartans who can record via Capture Card/ PVR, etc. - People who has thumbs and a voice box.
    You don’t need to have any of those fancy requirements to join. I don’t mind if you are just a normal player that I can game with regularly. As long as you are part of the team, that is all that matters to me. If you have a nice personality and like having fun (but WINNING at the same time) and just enjoying the beauty Halo has to offer in terms of the fun memories to be made in the coming days of Halo, then I’ll gladly welcome you to Supercell.

Send me a Friend Request on Xbox Live and send me a message saying you sent an application and I will get back to you ASAP!
I’m really excited for this team! I hope you are too! I’m mainly excited for the super secret projects to come! My future projects are intended to inspire the Halo Community to bring back creativity to the new Era of Halo. I want to keep Veterans playing, as well as bring a new audience to the game. My projects are meant to rebuild the community. You could be part of it… it’s up to you…

Instagram: @Sencatsu
Gamertag: Sencatsu
Join, Supercell