Clan for all you new guys

Hello, fellow Halo players, I’m NutsackFlapjack, an experienced halo player, online and campaign! I’m looking for some gents, preferably good at Halo 1,2,3,4 or anyone in between. I need at least 7 members and more for costume games and some MLG gaming. I need an OG team for this. Brute Warriors, some straight killers. I haven’t ran a clan since Reach, in which I had 40+ members and countless wins. So I’m looking to start that again. Just a clan to get me through summer because who doesn’t want to just dominate in Halo when they are bored and always have a team of people to do it! ADD ME AT NUTSACKFLAPJACK Requirements Over age of 14
Must have Mic
An “Okay” KD
Experienced Halo Vet
Beat one campaign on Legendary before
Be super chill No ragers unless its okay too like having a bad game
Be able to play most of the time
And okay with destroying kids in some Big team Battle!-Stay Fresh
Our clan name will be WWS, World-Wide-Spartans
Ranks will be distributed off of skill of game, and just dude being cool, and making some cool -Yoink- things happen!

Try posting in the recruiting forum, spartan, it’s where this belongs. This forum is exclusively for introducing yourself to the Waypoint community and for existing members to welcome you to the party.

So welcome to the party, and I hope you enjoy your time here.