Clan Emblems For Halo 4

Probably already discussed but I wanted to add my 2 cents. First of all, let me CLEARLY state, Halo 4 ROCKS!!! and I love this game. Very few issues from my standpoint and those that I consider “issues” are small when considered in the “big scheme of things”.

One issue I have is the emblems. I do like the way emblems are currently set up to unlock them as you gain rank. However, 343 and Microsoft cannot ignore that clans are an integral part of not just Halo, but any game on the market. Clans have come to rely on their personal emblem so that they can be easily identified when in a game. As it stands now, most clans will either have to come up with a new emblem or wait unrtil it’s unlocked. While this does not present a major problem in some cases, it does where clans have gone as far as designing their own clothing and websites. This has greatly decreased the enjoyment for clans to to ID themselves when in a game lobby.

A possible solution to this (my humble opinion for what it’s worth) is to display ALL emblems right from the very start. Then allow individuals to either unlock them as they rank up or allow individuals to purchase emblems via Microsoft Pionts (thereby making more money for Microsoft) and increasing the enjoyment for individuals who participate in clans.

Of course, all of the above is just my opinion but, after talking to other clans, most people prefer something of this nature as they no longer have their clan emblems now.

I would love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this…


Agree 100%

Im with you on this. I was in a few clans and always had some system with colors and emblems. Sucks cause it will put stress on them now.

Im sure everybody knows team epiphany, the group or partnered and famous guys who make youtube videos on halo and forging. They didnt even add there emblem into the game, mind there channel has like 60,000 subscribers. Do you kno how much this sucks? My clan (we are more like a no competitive family) have a youtube channel, website, teeshirts, ect, based around our emblem. -Yoink-.