Clan Battling Team & Good players

My clan Advent Halo is currently coming up with a way to set up an “official” clan battle team. This team will probably consist of 16 people max. We need people preferably who are good at the game with good team work and at least a 1.0 k/d. If you’re interested just join the website or message me on XBL for more information.

I am also hoping to start up kind of a “tips and tricks to halo” day weekly, but <mark>i need someone who is good at the game and good at teaching people how to get better.</mark>
We have several people in the clan who are just starting to get into the competitive side of halo and want to learn more, but i don’t have the time and i’m not a very good teacher. I’m not sure if we will start this in Halo: Reach or just start when Halo 4 comes out. It will be discussed with anyone who is interested in doing it. If you think you could give some helpful info to our members let me know. You wouldn’t have to “join” the clan if you don’t want to, but you’d be more than welcome.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:
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