Clan Baba Yaga Recruitment

Greetings! I am Ok’estSniper, leader of the clan Baba Yaga. We are currently 4 strong and are looking for more personnel to add to our ranks. Upon joining, any new members will be greeted with warm welcomes and respect. After some quick posts to find out what level of play you are at (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue, etc.) and what your Gamertag is, we will recommend some changes that would be made to your character and Player I.D. in Halo: MCC. These will further show your allegiance to the clan, but as it says, these are only strongly recommended, not mandatory. If you choose to not comply with these requests, you will have to send a message to one of the admins of the clan (okestsniper, Lumine16, Riptide2007, and doctordjf) and we will assess the situation from there. We hope that our requests are not overbearing.

As a clan, we mainly focus on the game Halo: Master Chief Collection. Within this is Halo: Reach game modes Swat, Firefight, and big team battle. However, we are always up for some classic slayer. Some more basic requirements are:

  • Mic (Optional) - 3 digit tag set to “ECO” - Clan tag set to “Baba Yaga” - Emblem set to the Tomcat icon with Butter (Primary), Orchid (Secondary), and Transparent (Tertiary) - Pestilence armour effect (If you don’t have it, once you unlock it) - Nameplate set to MCC tournament plate
    So if you have gotten this far, then you are probably wondering what the Fireteam concept is. It is a unique idea consisting of 4 man teams that you will train with, fight with, and possibly participate in tourneys. Once admitted into the clan, you will be placed within a fireteam and will have a callsign from then on. For example, if you are placed in Fireteam Omega, you will go by Omega for short. Same with Eternal. Individual personnel will go by their Callsign and then 1, 2, 3, or 4. This will be designated by the Fireteam leader in your squad. Your fireteam should be treated like family because if they aren’t, they can report you to admins. Then you will be given the role of Arrival. If that doesn’t stop you, you will be kicked. Once you have gone to this length, you will be banned from the server.

All members are family. I hope you treat them with the respect they deserve because my guess is some people out-rank you and some that are way better. That does not mean you should bully the weaker ones, but guide them in the ways of winning. All of us at Baba Yaga hope you will join us, and even if you don’t, we wish you good luck in future battles.

“Men, keep your eyes downrange, fingers on the triggers, and we all come home in one piece.”
Godspeed Spartans
Contact info:
Gamertag: Ok’estSniper (OkestSniper)
Discord: okestsniper1701