Clan Alpha (Military Clan) Recruitment

Hello! Are you interested in joining a new militarized clan based on Halo 5:
Guardians? If so, you’re in the right place. You are guaranteed to have a great experience if you join. We are mature and experienced in the military community. The leaders of Alpha have been in this community since Halo: Reach. We often play matchmaking (Warzone, Big Team Slayer, Breakout, etc.) and custom games and combat simulations (Duck Hunt, TT, Convoy Training, etc.). If you wish to learn more about Alpha or join our clan, simply send a message to “Praeventor” on Xbox Live or respond to this forum post. You can also enlist via our website:
If you wish to join, apply to our Spartan Company: Clan Alpha.
“The hunt is all there is.”

What time will you be on tonight?