Claimed HCS Drop on twitch but not appearing in redeemed

I claimed the drop for the weapon coatings and armor coatings, recieved the armor coating but haven’t received the weapon coating yet. I’ve checked on twitch that I’ve claimed it and I have about 4 hours ago but on waypoint it says I haven’t redeemed the coating. Any help would be great!


There are several threads on here about that issue. One of them (actually, maybe more than one) has advice on how to get this working. Search ‘twitch infinite’ and you should see some threads worth checking.

claimed all 3, got 0 :frowning:


The Same. Support halowaypoint can’t help with his issue. Maybe someone has already found a solution?

Yeah me too, sucks when we are promised something and that promise is not fulfilled.

i claimed 3 and got 0 in the game.All of my attached accounts are right,but i get nothing now,it made me so angry.

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Buenas, a mí me ha pasado exactamente lo mismo, salvo la pose de victoria que no la quise, tengo reclamado en drops tanto el revestimiento de armadura y el de armas, pero en el juego no he recibido ninguna. Y en Halo Waypoint tengo enlazado tanto el steam como mi twitch.

Alguno ya sabe alguna respuesta al respecto?

Hoy presente un ticket a support al respecto y dicen que ya están enterados los desarrolladores del caso y que toca esperar literalmente, yo tengo las 3 recompensas , y solo me apareció en el juego la pose, falta el arma y la armadura.

I claimed all 3 twitch drops but waypoint/Halo Infinite isn’t registering the drops. Hopefully they have a fix soon.

I got lucky and got them all even my friend didn’t get them he wasn’t happy best part 343 hasn’t even committed on this. Because all they care about is go spend money in our f2p game

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None of my drops have come through. 3 showing on Twitch in my inventory but none showing in game. Have raised a support ticket.

I didn’t have an issue. it sucks people are forced to watch esports and then get scammed with little to no support.
I think the issue was on the halo website, linking your gamertag vs twitch drops.
i hope people get honoured their skins in reward for the time they spent watching supporting the esports stream.

I muted the stream and played halo I didn’t watch the over paid esport people

esports is just a product to sell adverts to viewers. the esports part isn’t important. it’s the ad space.