Cinematic Arbiter Trailer

So, would you like to see an Arbiter Cinematic trailer for Halo 5’s E3? Personally, I would. Just imagine the Arbiter walking up to the Master Chief’s statue and says something like "What have I done? Did I betray him? No. I was only foolish enough to help Agent Locke find the Demon, only to capture him and arrest him. (He finally arrives at the statue and sees Locke) He was my friend Agent Locke…But you…Are my enemy…(Activates energy sword.)


I don’t think his role will be that big tbh…I see him as a side character personally

He definitely deserves one with that awesome voice and bad -Yoink- armor of his.

Unlikely to be a big enough role to warrant it.

Kieth David’s voice! Ermahgerd

its possible since hes involved in the story as hes helping locke find chief and blue team

Would be interesting, but my own opinion it won’t fit with the which story/trailer is the truth and which one is false. Having three may make it confusing.

I would like to see an arbiter trailer, but not in your context.

I would like to see an Arbiter Trailer, but not one that put’s him out of context to the character in the game. So a trailer showing him the way you describe suggests that Arbiter is a main character, which I doubt he will be.

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> I would like to see an arbiter trailer, but not in your context.

I know. My context isn’t the greatest. It was just a small example of how it could be, in a way. (I don’t like the script either, but the end is something that I liked.)