Chrononaut not unlocking

I’ve beaten both a half-finished playlist and a fresh playlist and chrononaut won’t unlock. Is this like the “if you came to here me beg” challenge that wouldn’t unlock if you had already done it for fun before the challenge?


If I recall correctly, it was stated in the challenge description that you need to complete a Cross Game Playlist to complete the challenge. Due to this, my question is if you did complete a Cross Game playlist?

On PC the challenge seems buggy. On Xbox I had no trouble finishing a cross game playlist in several sittings, but a lot of PC players have reported that the challenge won’t unlock unless completed in 1 sitting. OP try finishing the shortest cross game playlist in 1 go and see if that doesn’t fix it.

Yeah I had to do a cross game playlist in one sitting to get it to unlock. Even then it took ten or so minutes after the last mission to get it

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I’ve had a few experiences where a challenge would not complete, but after force quitting the game and starting it up again the challenge would be complete.

Have you tried restarting the game?

Ive had the same problem. I did “final four” with my friend, I was host, and he got the challenge and i didnt. I got a achievement, though.

Yes, they were cross game. “Brutal Battles” and “Legendary Speedrunner’s Choice”

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