Chronic Gamers Alliance IS for you!


This is the Chronic Gamers Alliance. We are a brand new gaming community which will change the face of how communities play, communicate and compete on all stages. Amateur, semi-pro or professional, you name it we will cover.

The same goes for the games we play too. If there’s a popular game that is out and is the buzz of the gaming world, trust us, we will be playing it.

As we are a fresh community trying to climb the ladder to greatness our resources and methods of recruitment are very limited. With that in mind our first method of recruitment will be through Halo 4 which is our most played game at the moment.

We hope to cover all platforms too. By this I mean, we will have gaming teams (Not yet named) on PC, Playstation 3 & Playstation 4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One and we may even have Nintendo teams at a later stage.

Our aim as a community is to have fun at all costs. This is a crucial part of our progression as we want everyone who joins us to feel like they are not pressured into strict schedules which will prove difficult to adapt to.

Our secondary objective is to put together elite teams on all the top games so if a competition arises and prizes can be won, we will be there with our finest gamers to bring home the glory.

Well that so far is all you need to know about CGA. Eventually our community will share similar ranking structures as some other communities use, so that order can be kept within each team.

As an extra incentive, here is some info on us!

My name is Ryan.
The site manager’s name is Ash
The First Founder’s name is Shane

Our Gaming History!
Me and Shane have been in two gaming communities. Our first community we were with was called Renegade Gaming, where we were in charge of the elite teams for Halo:Reach and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Unfortunately, our higher ups did not share passion for trying to be the best community that we could possibly be.

Then after about 2 years of community free gaming, we both joined Die Hard Gamers. The situation was somewhat similar here. Me and Shane joined knowing that things were a little more laid back but were informed that regular practices aimed towards future competitions would eventually produce elite teams for competitions. And just like RGC, DHG had turned out pretty much the same. They are both respectfully brilliant clans in their own right, but they were not the gaming communities for us.

In 2011 I went to a gaming convention called GAMEfest and just happened to win a 3 day straight Free For All Competition.

Also that year Shane and I managed to win a double team competition in a gaming company known as the X-League.

Ash is our Site manager, he has excellent graphics skills and has several significant qualifications in the subject.

This has been a plan in the works for quite sometime and our time is now.

We look forward to seeing you all on the roster!

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