So about a year ago I made map and gametype based off of the 2007 Strategy mech game “Chromehounds”.
Put simply, it was a 6v6 mech combat match where you secure points using a variety of mechs called “HOUNDS”

Recently I remap and revamped the whole gametype and map to current standards. In this gametype and map you do just that. Secure towers for points by only using a variety of Mantis and Scorpions. The map used is Tamala, named after one of the locations used in Chromehounds, is large desert map with a young oasis dividing the center. Tamala is built for 6v6 combat but can handle a full party of 8v8 just as easily.
Click Here for Forge hub link for pictures and details

will check this out :slight_smile:

That sounds pretty cool, Ill download it and bring it up next time im playing with friends.