Christian eSports Organization

Hello all:

BitWar Gaming is a Christian eSports organization with social and competitive teams across several games including Halo 5 and Overwatch.

We are currently recruiting for our Halo 5 competitive team, specifically pertaining to HCS Open Circuit competition.

If you are interested in playing competitive Halo for a Christian eSports org, send me a message to find out more.



Hi Lightsey,

I am apart of the Risen Hope Christian Company. Message me if you are still active. I noticed that your post wasn’t that long ago. We have 42 members at the moment. Let me know.

Jeremy (Ryker07770)

Hey there. Yes, we are still very active. We aren’t a Waypoint clan, we are actually a standalone eSports organization [BitWar Gaming].

If you or anyone else would like to try out for one of our competitive Halo teams, let me know! We have several openings.