Chopper is disappointing

How can you make a chopper that can’t even destroy vehicles by running into them? I feel like that was the whole point of the vehicle.

It also feels a lot worse at making turns than in other games. The only thing going for it right now is it’s durability.


I got a Lawnmower medal for ramming some Warthogs and blowing them up the other day ha.

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I ran straight into a warthog with boost and all it did was flip me over. Could be a bug. Or bad hitboxes.

The ravager is not good anymore. in Fiesta I have literally been dropping it as soon as I can. Would rather have a sidekick than the ravager

The chopper sounds too much like a mongoose when driving. It just sounds like a combustion engine

it’s not just you. I actually set out to test this out twice and yeah it cannot destroy vehicles by ramming into it with boost. This makes the Chopper less reliable than the Ghost since it’s now just a ghost that can only drive forward.

Hoping they fix this in the full release.

Cool, but unfortunately very rare to happen because they removed the extra damage it does to vehicles. So it could have been a ghost/warthog you hit it with seeing they do the same amount of damage.

On topic; the chopper seems to be a decent defensive (suppressive) vehicle or to take down hogs, but not great against infantry. I hope they add back the ramming damage :smile:

I agree , the Chopper feels very lacking compared to Halo 3 , very rarely go for it

poor handling , poor ramming damage, poor speed, the cannons are also really bad for handling infantry

best results with Chopper came from sitting on a hill and suppressing people with it down range as im protected by the large wheel

Not to mention how easy it is to fall out of the driver seat on this thing.

What sort of changes do you think would improve it? I assume you want its ram to be more destructive. I think a better turning circle would be good.