Chop Squad - 16/31 Achilles Body

Chop Squad is all about getting the most out of Halo and not doing it alone. We’re here to bring competitive, mature, and win hungry players together. This company is filled with great players that are also great people. We’re all trying to get better and move forward. We do not have any age restrictions, however, most of us are 18+
If you send only the default join request, you will not be accepted into the company.
If you do not leave your current company prior to sending your join request, your request will be deleted.
If you aren’t on Halo 5 at least 4 days a week or don’t have a decent mic, don’t bother requesting to join.

In your join request please include:

  • Time Zone - Number of days active/week on HALO 5 - <strong>Strengths as a player</strong> - <strong><strong>Favorite game types</strong></strong> - <strong><strong><strong>First Halo game</strong></strong></strong> - <strong><strong>Other games you currently play</strong></strong>