Choosing Spawns in Warzone FF

343 really needs to allow you to choose where you spawn in Warzone FF. I spawned a Wraith on Skirmish at Darkstar and the game decided to spawn it in at the base, which meant both Grunt Goblins at the base spawn killed me while Grunts and Jackals disabled my vehicle. It didn’t last even 10 seconds. I also have spawned in at the Fortress on Stormbreak only to be spawn killed by hunters and Jackals spamming Needlers.

Why can we not choose where we spawn? If a boss is at a specific location, they can remove the option to spawn at that spot, until the next round. Spawning on the opposote side of the map or in the middle of a live-fire warzone makes no sense; only to die and have to wait another 30 or 40 seconds and lose the match due to the inability to assist your fellow teammates.

This is an issue I face every match of Warzone and I think it should be fixed. All it does is limits the efficiency of other players who spawn in and immediately die. They can’t control this issue so they can’t be of help to the team, which is rather a letdown.

It also is upsetting when you use a high tier REQ vehicle or weapon and don’t get more than a few seconds of use because the bosses instantly aggro on you as you spawn in.

its a glaring oversight.

One more thing to fixing

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> its a glaring oversight.

I think it is one of the more major frustrations when playing Warzone, as you either spawn in the wake of instant death or at the furthest possible spawn moments before a round ends.

I see no reason why you can’t choose spawns as you would in normal Warzone.