Choosing between bots and players in Halo Infinite

I’ve been playing a lot of other games besides Halo Infinite like a lot of people but For Honor’s really caught my eye for some choices, A thing i thought Halo Infinite could use is 343 could add the choice for Player Vs. Player or Player Vs. Bots or If you can’t even find anybody from what I’ve heard be able to turn off matchmaking just play by yourself with both teams being filled with you and bots being able to earn XP and Event XP I’ve noticed and avoid the headache of certain things in multiplayer. I personally think this would make somethings easier and have some people who aren’t that good like myself to enjoy the game a bit more casually instead of having to try my hardest to win the match for a challenge or headshotting seven people with a pistol or whatever, I was curious how other people felt about.


Not entirely true.

In for honor you can only get around MM in bots by readying up in an empty lobby once you’ve already found a bot lobby.

I’m fine with having bot lobbies for every game mode, they dont take away from the experience at all IMO, run them every day to get daily matches done and over with

Im kinda confused by what you mean by readying up in an empty lobby once you’ve found a bot lobby, I dunno if this is me just misunderstanding or if it was like this in the past but i play For Honor alot and you can turn off Matchmaking on Xbox by going to a mode of your choice selecting Player’s Vs. Bots and pressing X on it and pressing A to turn off matchmaking so you’ll just be put with bots in general only you and your friends really are the only players then. (Sorry if this comes off as snarky or rude)

Does it give you the option at the bottom of the screen? I’ve never done that

When in a bot lobby, post match, if all players ready up it starts the next Match with bots as teammates

I’d do it if you play For Honor, Just select anything but Duel and do what i said earlier about it i could send screenshots about it but i don’t think i can do that.

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Feel free to send it to my xbox tag.
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Here here! As a casual player myself I approve of this!

I play ALOT of For Honor myself for the same reason, because it’s fun, because you have options, the game doesn’t funnel you into specific modes to do oddly specific challenges.

I’d LOVE the option the play PvE in most if not all game modes, especially if it means I get to do the event challenges at my own pace.

I struggled to get the Yoroi armor during the Tenrai event, by the time I finally unlocked the Kabuto helmet after a long painful grind I was just burnt out… I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve been burnt out of Halo Infinite ever since.

I love the items in the new Fracture Entrenched event, but I’ve no interest to commit myself to PvP and do the painful RNG based challenges, so I’m just not gonna bother with it. 343 is not getting another cent from me until I can play the game for fun again. Not because I’m “forced” to.

Meanwhile For Honor does it it right, it lets you play the game you want, and for that you can actually enjoy the game it lets you play at your own pace. Game Corporations need to understand that adding limited time stuff doesnt keep people interested, it just makes your community get burnt out and bored a lot faster.

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This honestly isn’t the worse idea out there. I think though however to earn XP through the various modes it should still be PvP. Those modes with bots are good ways to gain ingame experiences for sure, but not XP that levels up your battle pass.

I wouldn’t really say that it should still strictly be PVP for XP, H5 had Warzone which made some of the more relaxed people in the community able to just play without having to sweat, Sure it got boring but that’s what caused some people to play both. Some of the more casual players don’t want to go against those people that play H:I day in day just to earn that trickle of XP because you got floored by people again and again just cause you wanted to play the way you wanted to. I doubt that this would cause problems and it would allow those people that just want to get those challenges done easier so you can get that cool helm or whatever in the Event pass or the Battle pass, It really makes things easier and those people who don’t want to go against literally the best players and his gang in a Land Grab match just to get floored and getting frustrated with H:I just to maybe quit H:I in general. While i do agree the competitive is much larger than the casual community at least it seems to me, and they should have some more attention. As this change could be better for the casuals of the game, this isn’t the best idea to fix the things but rather to make the challenge system a small bit easier for those who don’t wanna just spend hours playing the game of “Will i have to lose ten minutes on my double XP boost or will i actually finish my challenges?”