Choose Game Type and Map and be matched with humans

Hi I am new to Halo Infinite, I like the game play a lot. However, sometimes I really just want to play a certain map or game type, like every match. For example I enjoy playing Fiesta, but I want to play Fiesta on a specific map maybe 2-3 times, then switch to a different map of my choice. You can choose the map in custom games, but then only bots and friends can play with you, and I don’t have any friends that play Halo Infinite, so it would be nice to be able to match with other players who want to play the same game type and map that I want to play. Custom games has an even more interesting ability to change a lot of settings, for example sometimes I enjoy decreasing the gravity or increasing running speed. But custom games has no matchmaking so I can only play with Bots which is boring to me. I really think the only thing that would work for me is to have a way to play a specific game type and map of my choice, for every match. Because often I play 5+ matches and I never get the map I want to play, or worse it will give me the same map that I do NOT want multiple times, then I give up and stop playing for the night.

Older games have this ability, so it should be possible. Again I really enjoy and have high hopes for Halo Infinite, but this is my number 1 concern, even more than new maps, because right now, I can’t even play the maps and game types I want, if I want to play with other humans which is what I prefer. You there, what do you think? If you think this is a good idea please react/upvote or whatever so 343 see’s this.