Chis Carney Easter egg possible mini ARG

<mark>Chis Carney</mark> is an Bungie game developer who has had several Easter eggs in the Halo series. I found <mark>this Easter egg</mark> most recently on Breakneck. Chris Carney explains in <mark>this B-net interview</mark>how he earned his nick name Danger Boy. When I looked closely at the Breakpoint Easter egg I couldn’t help but notice some numbers on the sign next to the word BAM. The numbers 01192011 seemed to be the date 01/19/2011. I started searching the date with Chris Carney’s name on the web, but found nothing. However when I searched Danger Boy 1/19/2011 I found <mark>this Youtbe channel</mark>.

Death of a salesmen.

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HI again.

You deserve a reply. Awesome find.

Edit: It might be worth reposting this in the Reach forum. It has more relevance there and will generate more interest.

Thanks, it’s really not about me. I’m trying to share what has been layed down for the community. Our game developers spent time on these finds, for us!

The fact that they actually out that in there is pretty amazing. Awesome find

When you have a chance you might want to investigate adding this to (the Breakpoint page the relevant Easter Egg pages - I recommend sticking it under D, for ‘Danger Boy’); you can cite this thread to claim ownership of the find.