Chips Dubbo and Sergeant Stacker need to return

It’s a crime that they haven’t been included in the new Halos. Those two constantly breaking the 4th wall is what made marines amazing.

Speak of the devil, where do you think they could be now in the Halo lore?

I wish all the marines from Halo CE-3 would come back with their rare and humorous dialogue

Sgt Johnson…

"Could use ya on the gun, Chief."

At this exact moment in Halo 2, we get to learn firsthand how awful at driving Stacker really is.

Im not sure about returning old characters given the representations that have been in new Halo games about old characters but we definitely need better NPC characters with memorable and enjoyable lines.

I hope they reappear as ghost like in StarWars.

Everyone is freaking out and being all like “Is this Forerunner tech, you eggheads? Is this some fresh new Hell we walked into!?” They’re all like, “Nope, we’re holograms, trapped in the other room you doof.” They open the door and it’s nothing but flash clones of Dubbo and a naked Stacker slathered in ancient Forerunner Bbq sauce.

You can see his eyes peer from beneath his tinfoil cadet hat, “It keeps me safe from the Flood” he exclaims. Before you can ask if he means the hat or the sauce the army of Dubbos yells, “When then Chips are down!”, and they all bum rush you.

When the smoke clears and the carnage stops, there is a faint echo of Stacker. “They got lost in the sauce…”

At any rate, we need another loveable NPC in the halo franchise. Ever since Johnson was taken from us, my hearts been empty. (And for the love of god, dont give us any of the newly introduced characters to us as a substitute. Halo’s characters have been dry & forgettable ever since Halo 4.)

I would love to hear Conan O’Brian record some more lines for marines. His Easter egg was pretty good in H4, and I’ve always been wanting more since then.

I wanna know what happened to Dustin Echoes. Did he get off the ring? I NEED TO KNOW!