Chimera Team Alpha: A Halo Machinima


My name is x Master Rob x, and my colleagues and I at Superior Masters Productions just created what is hoped to be the first machinima in a series.

It’s a Halo Reach machinima called Chimera Team Alpha, and is sort of meant to be a retro buddy-cop take on the Halo universe, with the man-child spartan Crackshot paired up with the sardonic elite Niblick, with both of them directed by the gruff Admiral Tyrell.

We’re new and we’re still finding our way, but we think we have something to contribute to the machinima community.

Our pilot episode (Episode 1) can be found here: Chimera Team Alpha, Episode 1: A Hard Place

[EDIT: We’re proud to say that the video has been picked up by the 343icommunity channel, and as such, the link above has changed to direct to that channel.]


x Master Rob x

Additionally, we’re glad to say that Episode 2 is well underway, and with the filming completed and the voices coming in, it will be released hopefully within the next several weeks.

Here are some out-of-context preview shots:

Episode 2 Preview Photo 1

Episode 2 Preview Photo 2

x Master Rob x