Chimera Corps Recruitment

Hello Spartans!

My name is TactualBasket49 and I speak for Unrelenting We are a big up and comer currently at 87 members and we get daily applications, so listen up! We are a great community that values friendship and community as much as the grind. Both are two sides to the same coin. We want anyone who is willing to be active and put in effort for achilles. We haven’t even got the armor yet so if you want the full set you can get it with us. We welcome all players who want to grind no matter what level. We are also an English speaking company so keep that in mind when applying. Here are some requirements

Be active on discord.
Be active on Halo 5 Warzone and Arena(firefight and super fiesta don’t help our comms).
Be respectful to all members (especially leadership).
Have fun!


Hey Again,

If you decide to join and send an application due to this post please mention my name in your application!