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Hello there. I’m here today to talk to you about UNSC Fireteam Serpent. With the fall of Spartan companies in the old Waypoint, we have (mostly) converted to a Discord server. We aren’t into the hardcore grind, we mostly just chill. Our core three members are all responsible for one Halo creation or another, and are excited to welcome you! UNSC Fireteam Serpent has a place in the non-canon section of the Halo Universe, and three mini-novels (soon to be four) to describe the and their adventures. You will be able to enlist in this clan as a Marine, ODST, or Spartan. I’ll see y’all there.

P.S. As Waypoint doesn’t allow links in forums, you’ll have to DM me or find me on Xbox to get the link.

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As for an alternate (and probably better) way to contact me, my Discord is :sparkles: Charm of Bad Luck :sparkles: #0001. My DMs there are open so sent me a message if you’re interested. (Yes, we’re still active 7 months later.) Something else rather exciting, a new collaborative writing project is happening, one that we all, not just our prime storytellers, will be able to add to. See you there guys!


I have never joined fanfic groups before, and I’m in a fanfic group collab project on DeviantArt. My side of that project involves Fred-104 (yes, the same one in the Halo universe and Halo 5 and also the same one in my profile pic) in a post-Halo 5 timeline where he is currently chasing after Howard Brand, the main antagonist of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem.
You can contact me on Discord at Fred-104#0035.

can i join please i really want to be in clan im good

Uh, hate to break it to you but this is my forum for advertising my server, so you might wanna start your own my friend.