Children of the Spartan's

OK let’s get down to the nitty gritty about the future of mankind in the form of spartan traits passed from parents to child. As a fresh 3rd class petty officer in the Navy I started a family and a Idea hit me as I laid back and thought about DNA traits passed from parents since i’m black and my wife is Japanese. The Spartan 1 had kids unofficially know as spartan 1.1’s that had a list of advantages over non-argumented off spring humans. here is a list of traits pass from spartan 1 to their kids

  • Higher-than-average intelligence - Increased speed - Enhanced vision - Immunity to most illnesses - Inability to become intoxicated through alcohol, though they can get high through an unspecified illegal recreational drug,as well as by painkillers - Decreased amount of time required for sleep - Enhanced hearing - Increased lung capacity - Superior muscle density - Heightened sense of balance - Accelerated cellular regeneration - Faster-than-normal reflexes - Increased strength
    With the number Spartan 4’s do you think that with maybe a 100 years we may have human comparable to spartan 3’s or 4’s and what will that mean if the advanced version of mankind then themselves go and receive augmented bodies by joining the future Spartan program. I think of it as the same way forerunners advanced in stages of mutations as they grew older.

If I’m not mistaken most of the S-IV augmentations are implants and would probably be reversed when they leave the military.

like all Spartan’s its Augmentations and not implants but they do have them. like when Randall-037 had reversed many of his Spartan augmentations through an excruciating process in return for his release from service to the UNSC. If the UNSC did this to every spartan then I would see future recruitment fall to the waist side due to the pain of “getting out” for retirement or a honorable discharge. like Dr.halsey said “my spartans are the future of mankind”

I’ve actually thought about this a lot in regards to the future of the Halo Universe, definite far future. Mentioning the 1.1 groups of children, either way it would most likely take easily hundreds if not thousands of years. Now, obvious reasons could change this by future methods and/or cheaper procedures of medical practice. The augmentations could possibly be given in the future by shots or vaccines, who knows, given freely to anyone who wants them the decision being made by the government and people. Could be an option/choice at a certain age to a teenager approved by parents or at 18. Could be mandated by all governments to keep all humans healthy, idk possibilities are endless. Food for thought.