[Chief's Orders] - Missed a trick, but it's not too late to patch it in

So i’m playing the campaign and loving it, you guys have gone above and beyond with this one, simultaneously bringing back the core feeling and spirit of the original trilogy (i could write a thousand words on how perfectly you got the Forerunner artstyle down alone) whilst humbly and nobly tying up the loose ends and criticized aspects of 4 and 5. Very few companies out there have the balls to forsake their ego and listen to fans like you have.

But there’s one thing, just one thing that no Halo game so far has innovated on and considered, and one little thing that would make the experience of playing Halo better with almost zero downsides. It’s something we’ve all suffered with from the very first Halo game up until now. Something that the Chief is uniquely equipped to solve, but never ever does. What is it?

Those pesky marines never do what you want them to!
Look, it’s great i can take/give a soldier i’m about to ride into battle with a rocket launcher, and have been able to do so since Halo 2. But what if we could do more? As it stands, in every single Halo game so far, if you want the Marines to do something (get in a vehicle, drive you, get in a vehicle you personally are not in to give you backup) you basically have to trick the AI and hope for the best. It often feels like you’re the Master Sheepdog and not the Master Chief. Corralling the AI into a position you want them to be in and then hoping for the best as you ride into battle. I’m not saying this needs to be some grand FPS-RTS 'kill me it hurts to live’ hybrid. I’m just saying, wouldn’t it be great if you could stack a one-button-two-commands-system where you look at a marine, press a button, they say “Sir!” and you look at a vehicle, weapon or turret, press it again, and they say “Yes sir!” and they’ll just pick it up/get in it until existing processes tell them to leave or you order them to do something else?

We have two grenade buttons (C and F) and there must be a spare button on the controller to support this, because it would make the immersion of being the challenging parallel force against the main antagonist on the ring; an aging Brute General, looking for one last glorious fight before he dies just absolutely perfect. You’re the Master Chief - you have the rank to command all the scattered forces on the ring, and that’s more or less what you should be doing, not only within the narrative, but in each and every fight your’re in.
I’m so glad you avoided stupid time-wasting mini-games about taking points or running off-screen missions with troop resources (from what I’ve seen so far) and that was fantastic, and i’m not asking for some Mass Effect or Halo 5 style squad-combat-system. But a [Chief’s Orders] button would make this game quite possibly perfect. The perfect Halo game. With just one little change.

What do you think?

OMG I love it. Completely agree, are you a genius?