Chief's flashback mission with Blue Team.

From Game Informer: “We played an early mission set before Master Chief and Blue Team are declared AWOL by the very military that made them.”

What I am wondering is what this mission will be and how far back it will go?
My ideas are either something we already saw in Escalation or that one episode from Hunt the Truth where Chief saves the Ambassador. I am hoping it is the Hunt the Truth scene because that would be a great way to start Halo 5 from Chief’s perspective; as the Spartan who now has to fight humans (this would be a first in the games I believe).

GI said the mission is 8 months after Halo 4. The mission starts with Blue Team falling through the air using thrusters to move around asteroids I think. They are going to an abandoned ONI research station to recover info.

That is just the summary of what GI wrote.

So Halo 5 takes place in February of 2558 (The beginning at least), the same time as Spartan Ops. It’ll be cool to see how they incorporate that and the Escalation comics into the game… if they do that is.