Chief's face revealed? Post Tim Longo comment

Tim Longo was asked if Chief’s face will be revealed in this game. He said he couldn’t answer that, but said he won’t take take his helmet off. However, this might just me be pulling at straws here. But maybe his face is revealed a different way, without HIM taking his helmet off but in a different manner. Probably unlikely, but what do you think?

It is possible, but we don’t know.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there were flashbacks during the Chief’s missions that show his face. It means that he never takes his helmet off in the present.

Interesting that he would draw a line between taking off his helmet and showing his face. He’s quick to say that he won’t take off the helmet but he’s hesitant to say whether or not we see his face. We might see a picture or something along those lines.

Maybe his visor is smashed in or something.

In an episode of the sprint they talked about a concept in which there would be in certain lightings or some such a reflection of whichever characters face in the visor. I don’t remember if they said if they would or wouldn’t impliment it, but he could be referring to that.

Perhaps Locke takes his helmet off after a fight?