Chief's Armor: H3 or H4?

Do you think The Chief’s Armor was better in 3 or 4? I think his armor was better in 3 just because I like the helmet more. I think the Halo 4 helmet is too in his face. But, the body of the Halo 4 is better.

Better in Halo CE

Halo 3’s, his armor in halo 4 may look more detailed but I hate the designs. His shoulder pads looks horrible and he looks skinny which makes his head look big.

I prefer halo 4’s, though halo 3’s was very aesthetically pleasing as well. The thing I didn’t like in halo 3 was that Master Chief’s armour was the default in multiplayer, and it just didn’t feel right seeing all these red and blue master chiefs running around. I’m glad this isn’t the case in Halo 4, though I would love to see 343i put in Chief’s armour in later as a reward for some future H4 vidmaster challenges…maybe…

Personally i like the halo 4 armor better simply because their was forethought into how it should or would look.The past halo armor sets had little forethought put into them hence why halo 3 barely looks any better in terms of detail than it did in CE aside from obvious things.The muscle texture underneath the armor plates is the actual suit, the plates everyone see’s is nothing more than added protection.The armor in halo 4 was the closest to the novels in detail so that is why it gets my vote as the best so far not just because of graphics detail(but it does help).

Both look -Yoink!- but I will go with Halo 4’s.

Why? Because to me, it makes the Chief look stronger and more badass than ever before.

Thats my opinion.

I like both, but Reach and Halo 4 display shoulder pieces very poorly.

They need to be more like Reach’s ODST shoulders and less like the shoulders Kat used in Reach.

More defense and practicality, thanks.

Oh, and I like both a hell of a lot. I think H4’s helmet is incredibly well done as far as something that they chose to change, but I don’t feel it needed to be changed.

His shoulders are crap and his chest is OK (in H4).

I’ve always preferred the original Mark VI armour to the Halo 4 one.

That said though, I can see why they changed it, he does look like the love child of a tank and an F-17 jet!

I just don’t like how Chief’s armor molded into something very similar to the rest of the Spartan 4’s, even though he’s quite a bit taller than them. Master Chief’s armor used to be unique to him and the other Spartan 2’s, it would have been nice to see his armor evolve better considering his experience in battle. His armor used to cover more, it’s been cut-down immensely from the original Mjolnir model and just didn’t fit the bill. H4’s armor is intricately detailed, it’s worthy of praise in several areas but it just seems lack-luster in functionality, even though the advances in shielding can counter this.