Chiefs Armor Explained

It’s actually quite a simple explanation, he’s on one of the most advance human battle stations in the war, it is probable that there was either prototype armor, or upgraded armor variants aboard the ship. Cortana may have waken him to upgrade his armor just in-case something happens.

It’s the most sound theory out there so far unless someone else has a better idea.

It was probably changed a bit in the trailer to look better.

Or, we can wait for the official explanation. Still doesn’t explain what happened to his cod-piece.

cod shield?

That sounds like a good theory to me. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m interested to see what type of armour it is, and how 343 will explain it if it’s new tech.

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Another explanation is that the trailer was made to show off just what kind of armour Master Chief will be using in Halo 4. It was never said that he would be getting it from the very start.

In my opinion, the armour looks like it’s a combination of Forerunner and human technology, so maybe somewhere on that strange place he’s headed towards, there is something he finds there. Perhaps something which upgrades his current armour, or perhaps brand new armour altogether. I have a few references to back up my opinion on how Master Chief got his new armour.

In Halo 3 on the last level on Legendary, Mendicant Bias talks to Master Chief using one of the Terminals. He says that he has plans for Master Chief, goes on to explain that he wants to atone for his sins (perhaps a sign that the AI is still rampant, as he is feeling a great sense of guilt for what he did to his creators). Maybe the armour was all part of the plan, maybe it was hidden somewhere for Master Chief to find once he reached his destination. I for one have no doubt that this strange object that Master Chief is headed towards was all part of Mendicant’s plan also.

> Or, we can wait for the official explanation. Still doesn’t explain what happened to his cod-piece.

Its still there, its just black.

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