Chief crouches, the AI of allies MUST find cover

Just played and finished H5 for the first time and erm… on a hardware technical level I loved it and the mechanics. Once again we weren’t allowed to explore some breath taking environments unless you’re a glitcher, which I’m not. I liked sprint. There I’ve said it :-). Sprint made things…flow a bit faster than the normal snails pace. One thing I noticed straight away was there wasn’t enough alien tongues. I could be wrong but I don’t think I heard one WORT in the entire game. It was too English. Every alien character spoke English. Halo 5 should have been a Chief-less Team Osiris character building side story like ODST, but hunting for Jul, leading up to the real game of Halo 5 of the Chief going AWOL with the rest of Blue team. Anyway that’s was all done and dusted…about 5 years ago!! LoL.

Now back to my main point. PLEASE 343i implement a copy crouch behavior. I know the AI can’t be super smart or that defeats the point of the game but for the love of the great journey give us a means to keep that god -Yoink!- AI under control and from getting in the way thereby spoiling all sense of immersion.

Example, Swords in H5. Crouching down looking to take out a sniper with my Magnum, and pausing to take the shot and suddenly a huge shiny metal -Yoink- stands in front of me!! Then we both get shot!! What?!!

If you’re going to use the same AI then if the Chief crouches then the AI of allies MUST find cover and or crouch somewhere. A button doesn’t have to be wasted if you make it an automatic behavior in hostile environments, 343i.

PLEASE think about auto find cover when the Chief crouches if there are to be AI allies. If the Chief takes too long to move then the AI has the right to break the rule after a bit of dialog so you know whats coming and the AI is allowed to ignore you for a set amount of time.
It’s a simple rule but I think it will stop a lot of players being p*ssed off with the AI and it could create some quite interesting scenarios knowing you’ve got maybe 30 seconds before the AI goes bonkers. What do you think?