chief back with his halo 3 armor in infinite?

hello everybody,

so since infinite is coming to us soon, and i had watched the infinite trailer. And then, something popped into my head. could he possibly be back with his halo 3 armor?
so i then googled master chief from halo 3, and then searched master chief from infinite, and i did a comparrision. And i gotta say, i think the chestplate looks similar in both games. They both have that bulk shape on the chest, the thrusters on the back look similar, and obviously the thing that make them both different is the big white 117 on his rightside of the chestplate. so, (just a theory)

let me know what you guys think on this. could it be? or not?

I believe the forum you’re looking for is right here.

I wasn’t looking for a specific forum, I just wanted to share a theory about master chief’s armor on my own topic

You’re quite right, OP, there is a return to the Halo 3 style armour, however if we look carefully as his visor boots up, we can see “Mjolnir Gen. III” in the data, so this is a whole new 3rd Generation of Spartan Armour.

Part of this revamp is because many players say they miss the classic artstyle and music from Halo 1-3 in Halo 4 and 5. But more than that, the whole Infinite trailer has a lot of references to the opening cutscene of Halo 3 (link below) as hints about the game and it’s story:

  • in both, we see Master Chief in locked-up Halo 3 style armour

  • Chief puts in the empty Cortana chip like when in Halo 3, Sgt. Johnson says “Where is she, Chief? Where’s Cortana?”

  • at the “Halo Infinite” title, we hear Halo 3’s “The Trials” music

  • When Chief enters the Control Room in the Infinite trailer, we hear the flute music from the H3 Opening, and in both, Cortana talks about why she chose Chief…

Compare the Halo 3 Opening cutscene: .

Now the Halo Infinite trailer, from the reveal of Chief’s new armour to the empty chip and Johnson’s “Where is she, Chief? Where’s Cortana?”, to “Damn fool, why do you always jump (out the back of the ship)?!”, all the way to the flute music with Cortana’s words about why she chose Chief - and all with artwork and music so beautiful, “It’s enough to make grown men cry”… :wink: .

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

So does this mean it’s set after halo 3 or do we know for sure its an after halo 5 game? Why would he switch back to older armor?

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> So does this mean it’s set after halo 3 or do we know for sure its an after halo 5 game? Why would he switch back to older armor?

It seems it’s set three years after Halo 5, because in the 2018 Game Engine Demo teaser the crashed Pelican’s beacon reads 2560, and when Chief’s visor boots up in the 2019 trailer, the data says “Mjolnir Gen. III” and it’s software “Last Update: C. Halsey, 2561”. Meanwhile, 343i’s Frank O’Connor has said the basic story ideas continue on from Halo 5.

So, part of the reason for the armour change is probably an artstyle change, because after Halo 5, many fans had asked classec artstyle and armour back. The other reason is story led, because the Halo 5 story involved Computer Hacking and Viruses, so Chief’s new armour is more hacking and virus resistant - as Chief’s visor boots up, the data says it includes S.P.D.R., an AI Repair and Antivirus tool from Halo 2’s “I Love Bees” story which involved a Covenant AI Virus called the Seeker - and maybe gives us a hint about “Cortana’s strange behaviour” in the Halo 5 and Infinite story. Scroll down to my sixth video here “The plot thickens - like honey…” to see one way the story could go: .

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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> I wasn’t looking for a specific forum, I just wanted to share a theory about master chief’s armor on my own topic

In future please try and use the appropriate forum for your queries, don’t just pick and random one of the first one you see

Maybe Chief was around when they were designing Gen3? Mean ol’ Cortana designed his Halo4/5 garb, so maybe he’s revolting by going back to an older style he preferred?

It’s a H3 inspired gen 3 suit. Too bulky to be the same model he wore in H3.

The visual aesthetic of the armor (presumably GEN3 MJOLNIR) that he’s wearing in Infinite is definitely calling back to the MkVI from Halo 2-3. Moreso in the Infinite reveal trailer from E3 '18 than the “Discover Hope,” trailer from this year’s- but the MkVI influence remains in the Hope trailer as well, just mixed in with a few other rinfluenfes. So, it isn’t literally the MkVI armor again, but it’s much more visually similar to it than the Halo 4-5 Chief armor. I think a lot of this is due to steady crticism of 343i’s proprietary art direction since they’ve taken over the series.

I agree that the 343i art style lacks a certain something in comparison to the original Bungie games (including Reach, however, that’s a very distinct aesthetic from the original trilogy by itself). Overall, though, I think the art direction has been far from the biggest problem with the 343i era games. Moving back to a more classic look is something I appreciate, but it won’t “fix” anything on its own.

I’m hoping that they angle back towards the ‘18 reveal look and away from the clunkier “Discover Hope,” design. You could very easily be forgiven for mistaking the E3’ 18 armor for literally the Halo 3 MkVI up-scaled and slightly tweaked- its not identical, but it’s gloriously similar. Honestly, that may be why they moved away from the look. It may be a bit too similar for most casual to intermediately involved players to know the difference.