Chest piece attachments

I really find the way the Spartans look in infinite to be overwhelming compared to Reach. In Reach, all the Spartans look cool and menacing because of the attachments on their Chest pieces, waist, utility, shoulder pads, etc. I really think 343i should add Chest piece attachments that affect the waist just like Reach had. An example I have is Emile’s chest piece which looks way worse than the original because it is missing grenade belts and straps that were on his waist. These should be attachments you could add to the original chest piece to make our Spartans look badass.

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Chest piece attachments = more monetization $$


I like how the during the start of the match when it shows your fire team, if you have a chestpiece then the Spartans hands just clip right through it while getting into their pose. It’s classy and couldn’t have been something that was overlooked because you literally have to watch it happen many times over.

Not a big deal, but not AAA title material.

But yeah, I get you. Even Reach was a little slower pace while fighting so you could see who you were shooting. In this game they glow so much I don’t even know what armor they are wearing as they’re all just red enemies with outlines.