Chess vs Checkers

People say sprint doesn’t matter, you can use it or not. On the new map regret people literally sprint in circles around bottom middle to survive. You want to talk about how it’s a “tactic” or whatever the new abilities like thruster should be just enough to evade while you’re 1 shot. Past that I only see sprint like that guy who speeds past you all the way to a red light that’s 15 feet down the road. Either way, you’re both driving. In Halo, either way you’re shooting. Placing yourself in strategic positions. Not “Oh I’m about to die so let me sprint in 10 different patterns so maybe no one can catch me” It spoils small competitive maps because I’m not about to let you skip away scott free, If anything thrust away. No one has fun trying to shoot someone sprinting or sprinting away even. To me Halo has always been chess and other (not gonna say any names) fps shooters has been checkers-you move fast, play dumb cause typically don’t matter till you’re about to lose. Even then you just really move peices around fast trying to avoid the other person or chase that guy who play is always to “sprint” away. People who play Halo typically like strategy n If you really can’t live without sprint Either have it in BTB or other casual crap or create a couple playlists for us who would rather play chess