Cheifs new armor is Awsome with a capital AWW

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW who else thinks the new armor is awsome?
it keeps the cheif look but makes it really bad -Yoink-.
at first i thought it didnt keep the character of cheifs face enough, but now i see that its still there, just metamorphed, but if you look for it, you still see cheifs character in the face of the helmet. the whole suite is just sweet.

its a shame they probably wont allow it in multiplayer when it should be unlockable eventually. imagine how good it would look in multiplayer considering the graphics. think about it, how else are you gonna get to see it in game other than cut scenes and co-op campaign?

I agree it should be allowed in multiplayer, but i wont be to fussed if it isn’t.
Chief is a Spartan 2 and a Spartan 4 wearing Spartan 2 armour wouldn’t make sense. So it’s probably a small possibility.

agreed op cheif looks badass

Looks well cool.

He does look amazing, probably the most badass iteration of him yet!

And I don’t think it was ever said that we couldn’t eventually get his armour in multiplayer, was it?