CHEFS KISS Challenge

Kill enemies using a Kenetic semi auto or burst weapon with peak efficiency. Is the Battle Rifle not a burst weapon? What’s the easiest way to get this?


Peak efficiency means you have to get a Perfect, or a 4-shot kill.

With a Commando, that would be an 8 shot kill.

Best way is headshot with a shock rifle, it counts as a burst weapon and insta kills giving you the perfect


Battle Rifle’s the right answer, but you need to 4-shot.

I would use the BR.

3 bursts anywhere to the body to drop shields and a 4th burst to the head.

Should see and hear the perfect medal on screen if you get it, and this is what is needed for the challenge.

This medal is only reasonable on Controller aim assist, since every bullet has to hit the head. I always switch to Controller when I have these. If you’re on Mouse, good luck. Ping and hit registration is against you, and might register a missed bullet. You’ll notice Keyboard Mouse ranked players hardly ever get perfect medals, but Controller ranked players get a lot. It’s like this Challenge was designed for Controllers only.

Incorrect. The challenge calls for a KINETIC weapon.

The Shock Rifle is, surprise, a SHOCK weapon.

It won’t work.

What are the Kenetic weapon?

It’s or burst weapon which shock rifle is. That’s how I completed the challenge like a week ago unless there are two challenges with the same name which I doubt

I know you can get a perfect medal with a headshot with it. I’m sure others have completed the challenge with it so you’re not wrong

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This is not true. Only the last bullet has to hit the head.

This is also not true, the Shock Rifle counts. It’s the easiest weapon to achieve it with as you just need to headshot a full shield enemy to get the Perfect Kill. It counts and is consistently the easiest way to get it fast.

Easiest guns are definitely Shock Rifle or BR as others have said. You don’t get a perfect medal unless you do 100% of the damage on a full shield enemy and kill in the minimum number of shots (shock rifle 1, BR 4). Only the last bullet needs to be the headshot so with BR you want 3 in the body, 1 in the head.

That’s weird that the Shock Rifle even counts, considering it isn’t a Kinetic weapon. Probably a bug tbh but if it works, it works.

Ahh I see where your confusion is now. It may mean:
(kinetic semi-auto) or (burst)
Rather than:
Kinetic (semi auto or burst)

The first interpretation may be ruling out semi automatic guns like the cindershot or it is potentially a bug

Speaking as someone playing from Japan on controller, what aim assist? I constantly see people complain about how strong the aim assist is, but in my experience if there is any it completely shuts off with latency.

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Aim Assist on PC is better than Console, but aim assist goes away if you use a mouse of keyboard until you restart the game, and it goes away when jumping or enemy shields go down. Lag could also cause it, because it relies on shields and hit registration netcode. If you try keyboard and mouse, then try controller, you’ll notice more bullets hit, at the sacrifice of aiming slow. I was never a mouse player because Halo was always a controller game, but since Halo is fast paced, it feels nice to look around fast. It’s just not as accurate.

Just found out Mouse and Keyboard apparently seems to have “anti-aim assist” most noticeably on the Sniper, making the reticle move away from the head. Explains a lot. Thanks 343.

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I’m still trying to get this challenge. PVP is way different than vs Bots where players tend to be far more erratic with their behavior trying to avoid being hit. I’ll get it eventually though.

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I’m still working on this challenge, I have 2 of 3 but I think I’m going to swap it so I can start working on the Ultimate.

Just 4 bursts to center mass will do. The BR will kick during the last burst and the last shot after shield break will headshot.

Practicing this also makes you better and more consistent with the BR.

Although it’s rare, you can get a perfect kill with two weapons. Inflict damage with one then switch to your other weapon to finish the kill. I’ve managed to do this twice. The first time I used the Commando/Sidekick, the second time I used the Needler/BR.

I definitely would not try this method for the challenge, but just so you know it is possible.