Chef's Kiss Challenge has Bad Wording and is maybe a bit too difficult

Below is what I’ve posted to the Halo Support website, I wanted to get some discussion here though.

The wording for the Chef’s Kiss challenge is not worded well for understanding what the intended challenge is, or what guns are supposed to be used for it. Plus the challenge seems to difficult for the majority of the player base to do, which will cause a problem with people not being able to get to the ultimate challenges in the weekly challenges.

I’ve looked online for an answer, and the only source available I can find is a Reddit thread that states the challenge means “Get a perfect kill with a commando or battle rifle”. But I have no way of knowing what a perfect kill is, or whether these are the correct guns.

And if this is the correct interpretation, getting a perfect kill on anyone with the weapons listed is too difficult of a challenge to do once, much less 3 times. The shields take too long to break, and the players are moving so fast, it feels like you need aimbot level aim to come close to completing this mission.

Since I posted this on November 18th, I did complete this challenge, but I did it with the Shock Rifle, which according to the challenge description doesn’t seem like it would fit the description of “Kill 3 enemy Spartans with a kinetic semi-auto or burst weapon with peak efficiency”. I certainly can’t do this with the weapons listed in the Reddit thread I mentioned.

(Edited to make sure the challenge description was clear at the bottom)

Having the same problem. I have submitted a ticket. Have you submitted a ticket for it yet?

Yeah the shock rifle is actually a 3 round burst which took me ages to realize. basically the perfect medal is killing a full health enemy with the least possible round i.e all headshots. Its a nightmare to do

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I may be wrong, but I think the challenge refers to all weapons capable of earning you the ‘Perfect’ medal upon use. In Halo 5 this meant killing a full-health enemy using the minimum number of rounds from your weapon without missing. This was mostly restricted to precision weapons, for example the pistol took exactly five shots to kill if the final hit was a headshot, while the BR took exactly four bursts to kill.

In Infinite, weapons I know to have their own Perfect medal include the BR, commando, shock rifle, mangler, and possibly the stalker rifle and sidekick. If you can kill a full-health enemy with the BR in four bursts without missing, you will get the Perfect medal.

Still, I think the game should be listing what weapons are capable of advancing this challenge, like MCC.

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Barring the shock rifle, they don’t all have to be headshots, just the last shot, since there’s no headshot multiple on shielded targets. It’s the not missing that trips up most people.

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It’s only 4 shots with a BR it’s pretty easy to get