Checklist Wishlist

  • Playable Sangheili in multiplayer - Play as any species (specific gamemode or custom game option only) - Full access to objects, textures, sounds, music, effects, vehicles, weapons, etc from the full game; not just forge specific stuff - AI in forge (scripting, path finding, objectives, etc) - Lonewolf “team” in forge mode and custom game options (Spawn with no allies, your own color) - Terrain editor (Don’t exclude terrain objects, they go hand in hand with terrain editing) - Dual wielding - Toggle 1st person in vehicles - Smartlink for gunner positions (warthog turret, turret emplacement, ghost, etc.) - Ability to use detached turrets in passenger seat positions - D-pad stuff for multiplayer (Ping waypoint for self, ping waypoint for what/where I am looking, request transport, and lower weapon) - Map remakes that are true to the original, just polished visually. - Map designs that are inspired by the classic feel and are more unique, not the same repetitive styles both in gameplay and visual/artistic setting - Time of day slider in forge - Weather options - 24 players in custom games - New Warzone modes and fixed issues (Warzone Invasion. Making sure base-locked teams have more than one way out of the situation and get some kind of buff to help against spawn camping/farming/etc. Maybe stronger/better equipped friendly AI reinforcements?) - Option to remove color override for teams? Play as “red” and “blue” and have only your waypoint show that you are friend or foe so that you keep your custom color. - Spartan Ops - Improved matchmakingI could list more, but these were off the top of my head

Hey OP, we already have quite a few wishlist topics already, feel free to add your thoughts to one of the existing threads thanks