Checking this thing everyday waiting for Crossplay to be turned off

Not touching the game until its fixed.

What’s your main issue with crossplay?

PC has a huge advantage whether it with M/K aim sensitivity and accuracy or PC controller higher aim assist. The beauty of gaming on consoles is its the closest you get to a equal advantage amongst players which is why in so many other competitive shooters (gears or war, overwatch, etc…) they separate the consoles from the PC players. This is 2022 and this concept shouldn’t still be controversial.

I literally can go into a ranked slayer match and 9/10 tell whether a player is using a PC or a console based on the way they perform/aim.


Crossplay bad.

Nuff said.


Amen brother I’m really hoping they fix this game soon before the population completely diminishes.

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Come on 343 you guys got this

Please it would fix so many gripes on these forums

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Hackers infesting the game. This game should have never been released on pc.

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Agree 100% and what’s dumb…you can go to solo ranked and select console…but so can people on PC…SMH. PC players love to go to console solo ranked…easy wins!!!

You’re not going solo ranked with console…you’re going solo ranked with controller so you’re also playing PC players with controller. We’re 3 months in and people still don’t understand this most basic of things.

same thing here i keep also cheacking almost everyday when we can turn off the crossplay system since its only bad for the game when its has it the option to turn off.

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The game isn’t even in the top 100 on steam. There aren’t that many pc players left, so it’s hard to imagine crossplay is hurting the game at this point.

Let me guess, if you beat a player, he is a console user. If you get beat they are PC hackers right?

the xbox is a PC btw, its just bespoke hardware, it still runs windows 10 under the hood. Hell in china you can even buy the xbox motherboard and cpu that has been repurposed as a full on widows PC.

Sometimes its better to be quiet and have the world assume you’re an idiot rather than opening your mouth and confirming it.

Checking everyday is overkill. I would check weekly at most. 343 is still in hair on fire with no flippin idea of what to do mode still.

Is crossplay able to be turned off yet? I would love to give this game a second chance.

Crossplay isn’t the problem.


Plenty of PC players use Controllers and there is a population of Xbox players using an M&K setup for some reason.
We need a system where it pairs players based on MMR AND what control input they have jacked in.

Don’t worry guys changes are coming soon they hear us loud & clear remember! :wink:

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They did good-ish with Halo Infinite.

Lets hope their delay of Season 2 is worth it.

the crossplay settings are still the same in force and not has become a option at all.

if there have chance it from force to becoming a option then a lot off gaming new’s site’s like IGN have report it then.

both are the problems.
crossplay is the problem between console and PC platform if its about the cheating problems.

about the diffrend is it the Cross input the problem.

since to fix the cheating problem a lot the crossplay needs to become a option that console players not have to play against the cheaters from the PC platform any more.

and the fight between the M&K vs controler is the cross input there need to chance to make it a option to choose if you wane play against both or only against 1 input.

Solo/duo is already dead… if they turn off crossplay you’ll gonna play 2 games a day. :frowning: