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*Black vs red <div>*Even starts </div><div>*Control the board </div><div>*Make one wrong move and you’re punished</div><div>*Get across the map without dying you are rewarded with power </div><div>*If you are skillful you can pull off multiple kills but it requires a lot of movement and jumping around. </div><div></div><div>This game was the number one game in the world, a fast paste action game, designed by the cave men in the time of the dinosaurs. Although this style of gameplay may seem out of date, slow and easy to master now day’s. The cave men still enjoy it very much. And it still has a place in their hearts for it.</div><div></div><div></div><div>But the times were changing, and most cavemen had tossed their stone boards away, for the the new thing. A game so bad cavemen sworn it was some kind of demon spawn from the devil himself.</div><div></div><div>they called it Sorry. </div><div>Sorry was a fast game based off luck with next to very little skill. made to trap people by bringing random joy, that was hardly earned. one swift easy draw could take out an enemy with ease. </div><div></div><div>For some mysterious reason cavemen had been draw to it like someone had cast a spell, hypnotized, or did a voodoo spell on them, they no longer cared to work for their victories instead they would like stuff handed to them for nothing.(many believe this mind set was responsible for the titans accepting the Trojan horse full of small ninjas) hints the fraise remember the titans. </div><div></div><div>Then the black night and his sidekick Robin Hood rode in on a white horse together with a gift sent from above to stop all evil. A updated checkers game but this time with a little pizazz. </div><div></div><div>Checkers 2.0 (English- chess)</div><div>New features included:</div><div>All new designed combat skins</div><div>A bigger playing field</div><div>With new movement options. </div><div></div><div>Many of cursed Sorry players were finally saved . while other were to far gone to bring back.</div><div>Many of the long time fans have sacrificed for the greater great. And other’s are not able to adapt, and nearly die of boredom. </div><div></div><div>But as Thomas Jefferson once, sad “it’s always darkest before I’m done” then went on to invent the first light bulb. </div><div>They asked him why he did it, he replied “i was bored”. There’s a silver signing is every situation.

So you might not like halo five, but at least you have a Web site to rage on, to keep you entertained. Lol idk I feel bad for anyone who got here. Sorry I’m fighting sleep… jiber-jabish! !

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