Check out the Wasp Wars Breakout craze

Check out the new breakout type Wasp Wars. There are seven maps up on Forgehub and on Halowaypoint as of now:
Pictures available on links as well as link to download.

Honeycomb - A Honey Comb Galaxy " Me want honey combs
Iceberg - Aerial battle In the sky above the TITANIC.
Blastoff - The caves of a Rocket Silo.
Kilowatts - Battle in the electrified skies
AVATARIUS - Aerial battle in an island oasis
Krush Kastle - Wasp battle in Krush Kastle
Flake Hive - Winter blizzard battle

We are looking to start custom matchmaking games and tournaments with possible prizes.

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stray morais

So many gamemodes, and in so little time.

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> So many gamemodes, and in so little time.

Thats how Octopus Beak(Leader of the SkullKrushers)gets down! Honey Combs is definately my top pick, reminds me of an Avatar scene.