Check out the new regret map

what do you think? Do you like the sunny day setting from the beta or this new autum look to it?

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WOW… that maps changed a fair bit aethetically wise… as pretty as it is… i kind of prefer the Beta one… i mean i might think differently in person playing it on my xbox but i dunno… it is very nice but i think i just prefer the beta version…

I kinda agree with Slashed but he’s right we’ll just have to see in person to know which we prefer!

Ya I kind of liked the day setting also it’s looked more vibrant and fun but who knows until it’s on our own tv

Huh, nice

I like the new version.

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> Lazy Link
> Edit: Better Link.

I wanted to cry at the 4:10 mark during the second video because this guy would not stop sprinting to recharge his shields. He stopped so many times but he would always start sprinting again before his shields came back. 4:45 is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, he was so close but decided to sprint 6 inches and reset his timer.

I do like how the four areas are a bit more color coordinated now which will make for easier call outs.

What, seriously? They don’t have time to finish Forge but they have time to ruin a finished map with new textures, effects, and lighting? This is disappointing. I liked the Beta version a lot better. The bright colors are part of what make Halo and they just made it dark and depressing like every other map.

Ya the day version looked great

Holy damn it looks like a Halloween themed map, the ambient sounds, the brown leafes etc

I prefer that over the boring bright map from b4

Imagine playing infection on that map except that there is less light( forge). Perfect for Halloween man

I love the change

I think I like the changes. I felt the lighting was a bit distracting on both Truth and Regret. Will have to play it first to give a better judgement though.

I’m sorry but that guy is the worst player I’ve seen play any game ever.

Its looks overcast. I prefer the sunnier version.

The game play from that guy was wonderfully bad.

I prefer the beta version.

It looks more Covenant. I do appreciate that no BR’s spawned in that youtube link, and weapons were all covenant based.

It looks beautiful.

Def looks different

I like it.