Check out our 2nd Montage by KonoyaroGaming

This is our second Halo 4 montage by KonoyaroGaming

We would like feedback and suggestions on our 2nd video, and how we
could improve on it. Please watch it and give it a ‘like’ as well.There will be
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swat, kind of boring, but flood, really?

I really liked the second half, lots of smart movement along with some great close quarters manuevering. Its fun to watch you dominate with some weapons that are harder to dominate with, ie the AR and mangnum. I like the clips where you are barely alive while still managing to kill and survive.

IMO about half the clips were good but about half were also bad.
Wait until you have more clips and be more selective when deciding what clips to use.

No swat and infection unless its a killionaire or almost.