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So I just gotten my youtube channel to 50 subscribers and figure to make a long halo video just to celebrate that of playing with each FPS halo games but one match in each except reach Had to do a second one on the anniversary map for the good of halo CEA, but the rest I did from classic to new on hal 1 and 2, there is halo 3, 4 and 5 in it also. Which Its an hour and 30 mins long. Plus I put something in the video That I spent making to be one long video that you guys that loves halo from 2000 to the new alo gen. Just for the love of halo :slight_smile: Heres the link Please do like comment and subscribe it :slight_smile:

Celebrating my channel getting 50 subscribers by playing each FPS Halo Game one match each

Nice video!

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> Nice video!


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> > Nice video!
> Thanks

Yep, I subscribed to help ya out.