Cheating ruins crossplay. Turn it off

You say you’re not biased against controller but you’re totally ignoring all the benefits that M&K players have over controller. 9 times out of 10 I can spot a M&K player in game by their erratic movement, instant rotation and instant point and click snipes…you can’t have it both ways.

This debate isn’t just Halo specific…it happens on literally every game with crossplay enabled, so to make everyone the best solution is to give us the option to disable platform based crossplay as that will solve more issues than just input based. That would be end of debate, and we won’t ever have to discuss it ever again.

Try telling that to all my friends on controller that can barely get a headshot let alone dream of getting a perfect. There are literally tens of thousands on controller players that can’t hit a thing let alone have “aimbot”. You guys don’t even acknowledge the skill gap between players on controller or comprehend that the high skilled players are actually capable of hitting these shots just by using their basic human senses…it really makes your side of the argument look quite pathetic when you make these aimbot claims.

Currently, they are no advantages MnK has over controller with Halo. With controller being able to land shots that are not possible with MnK, being able to turn around faster than controller is far from an advantage.

If it’s so bad and there aren’t any advantages then you have your answer…use a controller and stop moaning about it. Why wouldn’t you if you find yourself at such a disadvantage?

Just wondering, do you play with MnK or controller?

Because it’s not enjoyable. I’ve said this before, there’s no reward feeling when I land multiple perfects a game or I’m able to kill two people without reloading the sidekick. Knowing the game is helping me that much is no fun. I guess it’s part of that generation gap, I didn’t get a trophy just for showing up.

IF, let me say that again…IF Halo infinite was console only this conversation would not exist. But it’s not console only, and they decided to launch this game on both console and PC day one with crossplay. They did a bad job at balancing it.

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What generation gap and what does a generation gap have anything to do with a players ability to aim on a game using their eyes and hands?

If you don’t find it enjoyable or find it too easy, then what are you complaining about if you enjoy the challenge of playing with such a disadvantage on M&K? Your logic really isn’t adding up.

Edit: at least we agree on one thing…this shouldn’t be a cross platform game. They should have either released separate Xbox and PC versions or give us the option for fully segregated playlists. Also I don’t have any technical evidence but I think part of the issue with optimisation on PC and possibly the desync issue, is because they tried to accommodate too many platforms…this should have been for X Series only and another version optimised for PC. The game would run a lot smoother for both platforms had they not tried to put all players on all platforms under one umbrella.

M&k for every shooter in the history of the planet but, controller for Halo. It hurts my soul.

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Flase. Controller is far easier.

I respect you. The 1% who uses controller and admits it’s OP.

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“Spin botting” is normally only accessible in games that enable ‘console’ access. It’s “cheating” only because it’s a visually detectable manipulation of code. But it doesn’t actually offer any advantages whatsoever, and actually acts as a hinderance.

Aim bots are definitely a cheat, but they’re not confined to PC exclusivity. What the actual ratios and demographics are is relatively unknown.

Auto-fire was actually popularized on Console and still prevalent with controller mods. It mainly takes advantage of games that don’t utilize fire rate locks, it’s basically a macro. Actually changing the fire rate values of a weapon requires manipulation of the game’s code and in doing so restricts the ability to even access the newly assigned values unless everyone syncs to that version of the game, essentially granting everyone access to the new values as well.

Macros are also not a PC exclusive and many controllers (including the Elite controllers) actually take advantage of them. Macros are also one of those “grey area” situations where they can be abused, but also can be worthwhile features. I personally used macros (and still do) on MCC when multiple keybinds can’t be utilized or keybinds/tertiarymouse buttons aren’t recognized by the game. Specifically I had “1” bound to my “up/down” scroll wheel when scroll wheel function was a single value movement so I could change weapons with a scroll in both directions instead of just “up” or “down”, this was all done through the Steelseries app.

I’ve seen numerous spinbots and they’ve all occured on pc games, like counter-strike. We all know hacks aren’t exclusive to PC, but it’s definitely more common there because of how much control it gives you over it’s hardware.

I have definitely run into cheaters before, although it is very rare. The worst case I remember was back in Reach. It was a game on Asylum and an opposing player was somehow able to manipulate the spawns. There were times during that game where an enemy player would spawn directly behind myself or a teammate. Other times we would spawn off the cliff, and inevitably fall to our death. I have never encountered anything like it since, and that was at least 10 years ago.

I’m glad you referenced CS, because it’s actually software manipulation in this case, and a mild occurrence at that.

CS (like most Source titles) allows players to access the developer/debug console whenever they want by pressing “~ shift”. This isn’t a problem in most cases as it was left in intentionally for players to fine tune their experience in various ways like resolution, memory allocation, and reticle customization just to name a few modifications that are allowed to be utilized.

Spin-botting is setting a value to a direction of aim that is normally turned off but can be toggled to literally enabled constant aim in a single direction. It is technically manipulation of the console to gain a computer controlled “assist” but it’s literally worthless as it locks your movement in a single automatic direction of aim.

Most players do it to troll their own team as it provides no advantage and actually interrupts your ability to perform in combat. It’s my speculation that the feature is left in as a bannable joke.

There are very few games on PC that allow total debug control over the multiplayer experience. While installation of malicious software is easier on PC, direct manipulation in game or even the files itself commonly locks players out of any manipulated advantages in a public arena.

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And most cheaters aren’t rage hackers. For every person you’ve seen blatantly cheating their yoinks off, there are at least a dozen more that aren’t being super obvious about it. The fact that Xbox locks the hardware down makes it far more difficult (albeit not impossible) to cheat in a game.

Half of those actually smell of the horrendous desync/networking problem Halo Infinite has.

Shot through walls, behind cover, and not where you actually are. Big ol’ check.

Several shots happening all at once making it seem like the enemy fired one time and killed you. Checkarooni.

The enemy looking an entirely different direction, or whipping around instantly, while they kill you. Check and check.

This is what happens when you make a free-to-play game and it involves PC’s unfortunately… :pensive: I have nothing against PC gaming, heck I even do it myself at times but unfortunately most of the cheating happens through PCs and yes, crossplay doesn’t help. It definitely should be optional. If it isn’t optional then they better be dumping in so much money into vanity cheat stuff like it’s not even funny! I’m talking top of the industry line type of software. If that means you have to hire craploads of people where that’s all they’re doing then you better do it, otherwise You better give the option to turn it off.

Unfortunately as soon as I heard this game was going to PC I knew there would be a crapload of problems online. I have nothing against PCs like I said but it’s the truth. I know it’s only a small number of PC players but they ruin a large majority of people’s experience with the game overall.