Cheating ruins crossplay. Turn it off

Until 343 can figure out how to handle the cheater problem, I’m done playing with pc players. The number of times someone on the opposing team magically goes from total scrub to knows where everyone is all the time with amazing aim during the match is ridiculous. And I’m not just talking about ranked. In fact, it’s far worse in Social playlists for some reason. I don’t know what percentage of pc players are at least soft cheating but it’s probably ridiculously high, even for a f2p game. I wouldn’t be surprised if 1 in 10 pc players had cheats at this point.

I don’t even care about mixed inputs. Most m+kb players aren’t even that good. It’s the ones that magically improve from bronze level to diamond level in the middle of the match that I’m tired of.


i think the cheating problem and the force crossplay system have make there points all on the other threads.
so my question is going to be why make a new thread when there are all a lot off then active about the same point?

Crossplay needs to be shut off anyway.

M&K can spin faster and have buttons to adjust their camera sensitivity on the fly.

Joysticks are restricted to the limitations of how the settings let us move our X and Y axis modifiers.

Crossplay should be optional.


Dealing with all the autoaim from controller users when you’re using a mouse is more of an issue than cheaters right now

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Dude… aim assist only lightly drags your reticle towards the enemy when the reticle is red.

To be frank? I turn that off so it doesn’t ruin my aim in Rainbow Six Siege.

But compared to the cheats used by PC players?

  • spin-bot
  • aim-bot
  • auto-fire
  • macros

That is RARE to encounter on Xbox.
Going back to Rainbow Six, I have only encountered legit cheaters like six times in my six years of playing the game.
How many cheaters do people face DAILY on PC Siege?

I wonder how those numbers are stacked with Halo because I have NEVER encountered a cheater before until Infinite.

I guarantee there are nowhere near as many cheaters as you think there are.

If they have amazing aim, they’re more likely to be on controller and good comms or knowing the spawns can make it seem like people know where you are.

I’ve put a lot of hours into this game and have run into 2 cheaters.

It’s just not as prevalent as people think.


I have so far encountered cheaters in 9 different matches.
Do you wanna know how I know they are cheaters?

  • The Sidekick doesn’t one shot people with full shields
  • Upon being killed, I’ve seen a Spartan whip-around in less than a frame to target someone behind them.
  • I have seen a Commando that fires as fast as the Assault Rifle.
  • I have had four different matches where I am being shot at through cover. Four matches that I can confirm through the rest of the gameplay that no-one was lagging or desynced that hard because our shots registered on the person in question.

Just to name a few instances I have encountered.
Statistically, the fact that I have yet to encounter a cheater in Halo prior to the launch of Halo Infinite, it seems RATHER suspicious.

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I’m going to have to second this sentiment. ‘SBMM’ and ‘true skill’ would start pitting cheaters against very skilled players ‘right away’ after their first few initial games. If we’re being logical, cheaters are probably scant outside of high ‘Diamond VI-Onyx’ level play, because they rise to the top so incredibly fast due to their near perfect ‘headshot’ stats and wall hacks.

If anything, cheaters are a plague on the most skilled players among us (high ‘Diamond-Onyx’), because they’re the ones having to encounter these unscrupulous jerks the most.


Most MnK players are actually pretty good, it’s just the game already gives controllers a soft version of aim bot.

I really wish these people would play a few games on m&k. Then they can see how truly idiotic they’ve been.

It is a lot easier to accurately snipe someone slide-thrusting with a M&K than it is with joysticks.

In a perfect world yes. The current world has an input that does the aiming for us, mostly.

Is it not blatantly obvious when Halo pro’s, every single one on controller btw, use their right stick so little? When asked for tips they all tell people to stop using their right stick so much. You strafe with it and use the stick to make smaller adjustments. PC players have to actually track manually, by themselves, the entire time and it’s exhausting.

That old chestnut! The “autoaim” is called eye to hand co-ordination which generally most human beings have…some more than others. The slight ”aim assist” is in this game is far from “autoaim”.

That’s simply because strafing with your “move” left stick is and always will be a more accurate way of staying on target than using your “look” right stick. It’s not rocket science that we all have eyes, fingers and eye to hand co-ordination. These “aimbot” claims from M&K users are really quite pathetic.

Try it for a day. That little bit of aim assist that follows the enemy around requires so much skill and concentration when you have to do it yourself. It can takes years to be able to do consistently.

It’s a lot closer to autoaim than it is for MnK, that’s for sure. Why can controllers land multiple perfects per game with a BR but it seems rare with MnK? Because the game is doing most of the work for you.

I know aim assist does help controller players but it’s not “aimbot” as a lot of M&K players like to claim whether it’s on Halo or COD. The aim assist is minimal and we can feel it drop when you break shields or jump (which is a common known issue with this game). We control move and move with our thumbs, and if we didn’t have any aim assist at all then most controller players wouldn’t be able to hit a thing…it’s simply a requirement and always has been for controller players.

What a load of BS. There is aim assist but this kind of claim that the game does most of the work is absolutely ridiculous.

I may be a MnK player, but I am also a controller player. When an Xbox game is crossplay, I pick my PC with MnK. I actually have more time with a controller than MnK. I cannot express enough how I am not being bias over an input, I’m just simply pointing out what is currently not right. It’s not right that I can pick up a controller and land shots that are not possible with MnK. That is a problem.

It’s not a load of BS. How easy is it to land perfects with a BR with controller? Pretty easy, right? It’s even pretty easy landing perfects with the sidekick with controller. Play a couple days with MnK and tell me how many perfects you land. I bet 0.