Cheating in Infinite?

Looks like cheaters are on here already. Strangely accurate aiming (aimbots?)… knowing where you are on maps (through wall tracking?)… very annoying.

Also, playing from the UK the connection seems not great too ie two grenades and a clip and no kill.

Please sort out

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I saw a YouTube video ware someone was looking through the walls and building in a rank game and geting head shots for each shot.

No offence but that’s evrry game on PC these days; you need to learn to live with hackers

And no offence back but wan you say it like that it makes it sounds like you in favor of hacking the game.

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If you’re looking to report players for potential cheating or modding, you can head over to and file a report against the player you encountered, video clips with timestamps are extremely helpful in these cases.

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Im from the UK and earlier we had a cheater, tracking players through walls, nothing but headshots all we could do was report through XBN as there isnt a report feature in the game

also noticed the lag and desync today more than ever

On PC m&k. esc + tab… select player… report

no, they need to not make free to play games so hackers can run rampant. Your type is insane. All they gotta do to get rid of these people is ban serial numbers from their PCs. Start banning the CPUS, GPUS, motherboards etc.

hey guy, this is infinite, not MCC. Nice try tho.