Cheating in infection. Really guys?

It seems like in every game of infection there’s some jerk who’s constantly trying, and sometimes succeeding, glitch into a wall.

Why do people need to cheat to win? I mean I know that they’re scumbags who don’t care about the game, but it’s just not fun for anyone.

343 Please fix the infection maps so people can’t glitch into the walls it’s really irritating when there’s some jerk who feels the need to cheat to win.

Yeah i bloody hate glitches like that, they just ruin the game and then -Yoinks!- exploit them to win! Fun glitches i don’t care but this is serious!

they’re not winning if they don’t get any points.

I haven’t seen it yet in infection.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing that more and more. Most of the infection maps are trash so I’m waiting for the next update in hopes that they’ll add some good new community maps.

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> they’re not winning if they don’t get any points.

Technically you do get points for surviving, but not enough to be #1, if that’s what you mean.

I find it good. People stuck in a room (map) trying to get out from the infection that hunts them. People will find ways out, these ways out of the map will be reported, and eventually patched. In the long term this helps make the maps more “solid”

I havn’t seen anybody glitching into walls. But I do have some pretty killer hiding spots, technically they are map exploits. Buuuuut they are tough to get to sooo I earn it if I get last man standing.

Haven’t seen it yet