Cheaters in Doubles

This is beyond annoying. I kept talking about people leaving but me and a friend I know in real life were just playing and his game crashes. Ok, whatever right? Halo Infinite things.

Then my game freezes up. Packet loss packet loss packet loss. I can’t even get the controls to respond.

Suddenly I come back after being ahead by 8, and I’ve died 6 times and the process repeats.

I’ve had some stupid situations in this game but I have to say, that was extra cancerous. It of course didn’t save the VOD in theater mode so I can’t even report them.

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Update: it literally happened the next game too, the exact same way.

Update: Yeah my friend straight up got DDOS attacked, his entire internet is screwed right now, and his Xbox did a factory reset.

Update: and after I hard reset my pc and turned the game back on I got a ban for leaving too many matches.

Someone please explain to me the merits of even trying to play this game anymore

We need to be able to kick and ban users PERIOD!. If 343 can’t make a script to kick and ban cheaters my the Halo Community can make script in FORGE!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Glass wall hacking
Sound Enhacement
Improved Magnetism
Ultra Instinct
Humanized Aim Bot

They’re using anything and everything.
God Dang Cheaters.

I’ve found that at least 3 out of 5 doubles games are against cheaters. Most use modded controllers which is most easily detected by not get de-scope. But the list of cheats is long.

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I’m curious.
Seeing as Infinite is on dedicated servers, and there should be no reason to send players’ IPs, how would they get the necessary data to perform directed attacks like that?
I found some info from very long ago but that was 360 era stuff I assume got fixed.

We’re still a full year until an in game report button gets added. Until then the cheaters will be at the top of the leaderboards. Therefore, there’s very little point in caring about ranked anymore aside from the nameplates.

It’s gotten to the point where most avg players assume that anyone onyx must be cheating. It’s crazy.

On a more positive note, the rest of the game is also ranked for better or worse. Team slayer might be the realest and sweatiest playlist now.

I ran into 4 actual provable cheaters last night in ranked doubles, it’s wild how common it is at high levels. Luckily it’s not that hard to prove if the theater mode video works as intended.

It’s rare to see an onyx ranked player in doubles that isn’t doing something sketchy. Many of the people in the playlist are just on new accounts that only play ranked doubles, so smurfing is common.